Match Report: Ramblers vs Big Apple (18th March 2018)

WARNING: strong honest content ahead

Ramblers 0 – 7(ish?) Big Apple

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of ramble is to move aimlessly from place to place. Saturday’s game could not have been defined any other way. Under such circumstance the Ramblers were determined to be true to themselves and their name. This might suggest a powerful loss (which it was) but by remaining true to core values of the team we have discovered that our aging bodies did not defy our passion for the game. We left our hearts in the field to be trampled on, fortunately NYC dating has fully prepared us for such event. Compared to the men’s 1; the ramblers game was third shelf boxed champagne, a good old personal friend of ours during college years. Despite the score being against us from minute three into the game, we kept our heads held high and encouraged each other throughout the whole match. Needless to say, we are proud to be ramblers!

Written by: Maria Belen Soraire

Match Report: Greenwich 1s vs Islanders 2s (18th March 2018)

Greenwich Men’s 1s 3-0 Islanders 2s

The Greenwich Men’s 1s launched their spring season with an at times tentative, but in the end convincing performance to beat the Islanders 2s.

Welcoming a new contingent of talent from Belgium in Ian Reekmans and Julien de Waal, the squad flirted dangerously with an average age of below 30 and started the game with intent, setting up camp in the opposition’s half for the majority of the first half. Despite dominating possession, the team suffered from a longstanding issue – that being a consistent failure to convert short corners. Credit however due to the team for remaining patient, failing to be flustered and that eventually paid off midway through the second half when Randy Christie drove towards goal, only to be upended as he attempted to get a shot off. A penalty flick was eventually awarded with last year’s player of the season Andrew Gilmer calmly sending the keeper the wrong way. With a lead established, the team settled into more of a rhythm. The onslaught of short corners eventually paid dividends with Symo Symington’s blistering strike from the top of the ‘D’ smashing into the bottom right hand corner of the backboard. The best however was saved until last with a super sexy pattern of play seeing Anjalo Suren slotting in William Shaw who showed composure to fire home. Champagne hockey.

A solid opening display in trying conditions which the team will look to build upon as they go up against potentially trickier opposition in ECHP next. Great credit and thanks due to Christina Congdon who filled in as keeper, earning a clean sheet in what was a flawless and relatively uneventful display.

“Player of the Day”: Anjalo Suren – proving a constant menace up top with some impressive ball skills and an ever improving work rate.

D of the D: The Men’s 1s entire attacking short corner routine – converting one of what must have been at least 10 short corners. Room for improvement.

Written by: Will Jones

Rovers win the NEFHA women’s league

Final league standings confirmed. Congrats to the Rovers, crowned champions on the final weekend! Extraordinary goals against record again. Over the course of two seasons now, they’ve conceded just 19 goals in 28 games. Both they and the Men’s 1s qualify for the playoffs on Saturday, June 3rd.

Rovers will take on NYC in their semi-final at 945am while the 1s play Westchester immediately after at 1120am.



Outdoor pickup schedule for the summer

Outdoor pickup is at J.J. Walker in the West Village at intersection of Hudson and Clarkson street.

The schedule for the summer is as follows:

Tuesday May 30 9-11pm ( NOTE DATE AND TIME)
Tuesday June 6 7-9pm
Tuesday June 13 9-11pm ( NOTE TIME)
Tuesday June 20 7-9pm
Tuesday June 27 7-9pm
Friday June 30 7-9pm (NOTE DAY/TIME)
and then 7-9pm Friday’s till Labour Day..

For weather updates and other questions please check the facebook group.

<bold>Allan, Plant, Bill, John and Dick in the Rye team of 1955</bold>
Allan, Plant, Bill, John and Dick in the Rye team of 1955

Passing of Alan Wood , one of the founders of Greenwich Field Hockey Club

Hi All,

It is with great regret that I learned today of the passing of Allan Woods, a man instrumental in the founding of Greenwich some half a century ago. Our sincere condolences go out to his widow, Pam and his whole family are in our thoughts. Please raise a glass in his honour tonight in gratitude for his legacy. Any reminiscences would be appropriate here.


–James Michael

Stunning season opener


Great start to the spring season ladies! A 4-0 win over rivals, Big Apple! Abbi, in what seems to be a new tradition of being the Rovers’ opening scorer each season, got the team off to an early lead with a goal scored off a pass from Mo and slotted into the right hand corner of the cage. The second goal of the spring opener was scored by Jax, who slipped the ball past the Big Apple goalkeeper at a tight angle on the right hand side of the goal, off an assisted Allison. Jax then scored the Rovers’ third goal early in the second half, off a pass by Annie who had carried the ball down the right side of the field on a fast break in transition. The final goal of the game was scored by Andrea in a short corner play with assists by Allison and Jax. All in all, the Rovers’ first game of the Spring was a real team effort and everyone should be commended.
The team played with great chemistry and a focus on building the game with patience from the back field really paid off. The defensive unit did the team proud, with yet another shut out to add to their collection, and the midfielders controlled the space between the 25’s with great composure. It will be exciting to build off this momentum throughout the spring season. Great job everyone!

A new logo for Greenwich Field Hockey Club

We have been working on a new logo for some time, something that reflects our membership’s home and the values we aspire to as a club. I am very fond of tradition and history but the Connecticut roots in Greenwich have spread and the old figurehead is a relic of an appropriation which does not reflect who we are. If anyone has been offended in the meantime I apologize and acknowledge the issues that mean change is due, or perhaps overdue.

The new version incorporates several elements which our open discussion gave birth to (thank you to all those that contributed to that process): Lady Liberty to reflect our home, the NYC street name font and keeping the shield and crossed sticks basic look of the old logo. The plan is to introduce it with demand for new kit, there is no mandate to replace your old shirt.

We live in a multicultural, vibrant city and our league and club reflects that. I won’t list every nation that has played under the Greenwich banner (it might be easier to list which haven’t!) but I will say that we have leaders who are women and men, who love in their own way and who identify uniquely. We have those of every faith and some with little or none except that they will be welcomed by a group that may have nothing in common except a love of hockey and of life.

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Emma Lazarus was a Jewish woman of German and Portuguese descent, ‘a mighty woman’ whose sonnet coloured what has become the symbol of New York and immigration. She was also appalled by the Russian pogroms of the 19th century and fought hard for social justice. Certainly the statue originally was never meant to represent immigration but her words have made the ‘huddled masses, the homeless’ inseparable from the icon itself.

So in that spirit and especially in the current environment I would like to introduce you to the new logo. It may not look like what you’re used to but I would urge you to give it a chance and hopefully grow to love it. Please allow it the chance to make as big a contribution as the old one which has served us for so long. If she speaks to you then you are at the right club and ‘I lift my lamp beside the golden door’ to welcome you!

Greenwich 2 colors

-James Michael,

Greenwich Holiday Party

Hi All,

Greenwich Field Hockey Club cordially invite you all to the Greenwich Holiday party.

It’s the holidays! Let’s get together and be merry.

Tables have been reserved, the music will be pumping and the company will be awesome.

Just come.


Location: The Half Pint

76 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012

Date: Saturday, December 17 at 9:30 PM – 12:30 AM

Tom, Fran and George.

Rovers beat Big Apple 4-0

In the windy Sunday matchup, the Greenwich Rovers made a strong statement over their Big Apple rivals with a solid 4-0 win.


The Rovers got off to a slow start, working hard to acclimate to a team of several Greenwich newcomers. After a back-and-forth first half that tested the patience of a composed Rovers defense, the squad finally found their groove in the second half. At the start of the half, the Rovers made strong and gradual efforts to push the ball towards the Big Apple side. The ball finally found the back of the net in the 50th minute of the game on a broken corner that was recovered by an expert shot from Adrienne inside the circle.


Just two minutes later, Arlette found the open cage off of a loose ball at the top of the circle. Not three minutes after that, Wiljemin transferred the ball form the lefthand side of the field and slid it into the stroke for a masterful deflection into the cage by Arlette. Finally, in minute 70, Greenwich put the nail in the coffin when Wil took the ball down the righthand side of the field on a fast break, slipped the ball left past the Big Apple goalkeeper, to Annie who brought it home seconds before the game buzzer sounded.