September 9, 2014 gfhcadmin

GFHC I vs Rye II

First game of the season saw some new faces, some promise, a few missed chances and a little rust. A confident start only yielded one goal early (a smart high finish from Chris) and with some of our basics still not quite there we could have used more of a cushion. The back was transferring the ball well and the new acquisitions were athletic influences with no little skill. But despite numerous circle penetrations the game remained within Rye 2s grasp.

A makeshift corner routine lacked teeth. In the middle of the second half Rye scrambled in an equalizer after a rare foray into the final third. Greenwich’s reaction was positive with two quick goals including a nicely taken lob from Marcus Iqbal. Another mistrap led to a further Rye goal and despite good chances at the other end to stretch the lead the game closed out 3-2 with no further pressure on the Greenwich goal. Plenty of cause for optimism with the industry and chances created.