September 24, 2014 gfhcadmin

GFHC I vs Westchester (7-3)

Another step forward but not the finished article yet. A lot of industry, especially in the midfield was clearly too much for West who hung around despite some pretty and effective hockey from Greenwich at times. An early corner from Brett settled the nerves but left the lead slender for much of the first half but Harry, Will, Phil and Danny were transferring the ball well and this would pay dividends later in the game as it took a toll on Westchester legs.

The Dutchmen had a couple of dangerous threats up high but the trick was choking their supply. The problems was missing traps which was ultimately what led to their consolation goals. Nevertheless Greenwich continued to pass the ball well and the athleticism of Dave, Matt and Danny was stretching the opposition and in the end we ran out comfortable winners.