November 12, 2014 gfhcadmin

Mens II vs NYC (0-5)

While we lost it was actually a really enjoyable game. NYC used a strategy of pulling their defensive line back into their half when we were attacking in an effort to thin our ranks. We used the extra space to work the ball around and managed to put together some good looking plays. We still needed to hold the ball more as we approached their D and never really looked dangerous in the final quarter of the field. In our defense they were playing with an extra outfielder as a kicking back which meant their defensive line was thicker than usual.

As a corollary to our lackluster attack, our defense was stellar. The two goals in the first half were both from tricky short corners and we managed to deflect countless waves of attack. Even the ref commended us on our organization in the back. The second half was much the same though the fatigue started to show through a little more. It was good to have a chance to move the ball around without feeling trapped and compressed. While we racked up a loss I think this game helped our confidence immensely following the Islanders 1 game a few weeks back.