October 21, 2014 gfhcadmin

Mens II vs Westchester (2-3)

Greenwich had a strong first half, putting in 2 and allowing us to head into the half-time with a comfortable lead. Howie showed great composure, dribbling around the keeper and smoothly slotting the first goal. Eugene chipped a back-stick shot to secure the second.

We absolutely owned the midfield throughout the game, where at times it looked like the Westchester team was two different sides, each one camped in a D. Their strategy of leaving men high and belting the ball out of the back eventually paid off and they ended up scoring off two short corners in the second half. A well worked ball by one of their forwards, followed by a strong shot from the top of the D secured the third and we were in trouble.

Will and Max controlled the middle of the pitch and there was some excellent composure by Hector at right mid. Deepak, Howie, Ross and Florian made some excellent runs in their 25 to give us passing options but, overall, we needed more patience driving into the final quarter of the field. The get-it-in-the-D-at-any-cost approach meant we gave up the ball instead of using our advantage effectively. The score line doesn’t do justice to our share of possession or dominance of the field.