September 13, 2016 gfhcadmin

Rovers begin the season with a convincing win.

The Rovers made a strong showing on Sunday with a 4 – 0 win over the Islanders in the 2017 season opener. Abby opened up the first-half scoring floodgates with a drive past the Islander goalie off of an assist from Nicola. Abby then returned the favor, retrieving a long pass down the left hand side of the field, where she drew in the goalie and slipped a perfect ball past the goalie to an open Nicola on the right post. The scoring continued with a scuffle around the circle, ending with a goal by Annie. Finally, Anna closed out the first half with just seconds to spare off of an assist from Andrea. The second half proved less exciting as the Rovers off-season legs showed through. But the team managed to hold off the Islanders through the final minute, closing out the game at 4 – 0. A well-deserved win for the Greenwich team.