Greenwich arranges a number of hockey tours throughout the year. For the past few years we’ve sent a number of teams to the Baltimore indoor field hockey in January and we’re even crowned champions in 2015. We also returned to Wildwood along the Jersey Shore this year for their annual beach hockey tournament. Yes you heard it right, beach hockey! Previous tours have seen us venture as far afield as Chicago, Boston and the Bahamas. We also look to hold annual fixtures against some of the best college teams in the country, often traveling to their respective university campuses. We’re always on the lookout for new trips and more fixtures so whether you host your own tour or are sending a team on tour to New York, please do reach out to us.

  • Baltimore old
  • Baltimore 2015
  • Baltimore still
  • Wildwood 2015 Incredibles
  • Wildwood 2015 Teletubbies
  • Wildwood 2015 Pirates
  • Baltimore 2015
  • Baltimore 2015

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